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Our Prospectors

We work with a very small team of dedicated Gold Prospectors here in Scotland.    It's important to us that none of the people we work with source gold using environmentally destructive commercial methods.  For these artisans, first and foremost this is more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle which they have passionately invested time and energy into, culminating in long days ending in tears of joy or frustration.  A long, hard day of labour can reveal anything between 0.1g to a couple of grams, if you are very lucky and experienced.

Gold Prospector

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NAME:  Leon Kirk


PREFERRED LOCATION:  Secret rivers - sorry, I don't want to reveal more!

FAVOURABLE CONDITIONS:  Dry summer months - when the water is low in the river you can access deeper sands and gravels.

BEST DAY RESULTS: A huge 16.5g nugget,  and a total day find of 50g.

SECRET METHOD/RULE TO SUCCESSFUL GOLD PANNING: Using the best equipment you can (see link for Leon's shop below).

WHY I DO IT:  Nothing beats being out in the Scottish wilderness on a warm summers day doing the job I love the most !

LIFE TIME TOTAL:  Don't actually know for sure - a lot - but I've never kept track of it!

Leon Kirk from Glasgow is undoubtedly Scotland's most famous Gold Prospector.  Leon has made numerous appearances on television, as well as being frequently in the news regarding the amazing stashes of gold and gold nuggets he has found.

Leon is old school, preferring to pan his gold, assisted by suction pumps that he designed for the purpose himself.    Leon sells gold collecting equipment and runs gold panning classes to  help finance his hobby.  You can sign up for classes, buy first edition books on gold and even a full set up of your own gold prospecting equipment at his wonderful website -

In his spare time, Leon likes to make new prototypes for gold prospecting equipment, admire his gold collection, and watch 'Gold Rush' on the Discovery Channel.

Gold Detectorist


NAME:  Prefer to remain anonymous - though you can call me 'The Nugget Man'!

PREFERRED LOCATION:  Various rivers and glens around the Scottish boundary fault.

FAVOURABLE CONDITIONS:  A slight breeze to keep the midges away.

BEST DAY RESULTS: Several nuggets totalling up to 12 grams.

SECRET METHOD/RULE TO SUCCESSFUL DETECTING:  Studying the geology first and then simply patience.  And then a little more patience.. and then a little more!

WHY I DO IT:  The thrill of potentially finding record breaking nuggets.

LIFE TIME TOTAL: 100 grams plus.